How to start sailing the World from scratch (from someone who knew nothing about boats)

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Well, I never thought that one day I would move on a sailboat to travel the world, let alone make a video about it! But here we are :)

In the last two years, we received tons of questions and messages from people wanting to do the same, so I thought I’d share everything I know with you!

PSA: this video is based on our own experience, it is obviously not THE only way to do it! :)

In this video, we go through how to become a full time liveaboard sailor when you haven’t even been on a sailboat, how you can learn how to sail, how you can build experience, my best boat buying tips, how to find friends in the sailing and cruising community (and why it is important).

We also (quickly) cover budgeting for a sailing adventure, how to make an income as well as a very underrated topic, which is how to manage emotions that come with changing lifestyle.


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⛵️Our boat: Polar Seal, 2007 Beneteau Oceanis 40, owners version (2 cabins layout).
Full tour and review of Polar Seal at:

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