FASHION CHRONICLES -Montreux Jazz Festival 2021 Talk with Mathieu Jaton - Fashion Channel

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FASHION CHRONICLES -Montreux Jazz Festival 2021 Talk with Mathieu Jaton - Fashion Channel

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About Montreux Jazz Festival:

After months of preparation and uncertainty, the Montreux Jazz Festival has celebrated the much-awaited return of live music over 16 days.

For both artists and the audience, this 55th Montreux Jazz Festival was the opportunity to finally come together in the name of music.

For the first time in many long months, musicians and festival-goers have been able to look into each other’s eyes and move to the beat together.

This palpable enthusiasm largely eclipsed the health restrictions and the bad weather conditions of the event.

In addition to ensuring the comfort and safety of the public, the reduced format of the Festival made it even more possible to place music at the heart of all its activities.

About Mathieu Jaton:

Born 12 June 1975 in Vevey, music lover and graduate of the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne.

Mathieu Jaton was hired by the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1999, at 24, to head up Marketing and Sponsoring; he became the Festival’s General Secretary in 2001; working at the Festival alongside Claude Nobs, who had become his mentor, he developed the values that have always defined him: a flair for hospitality, and a deep passion for music.

Following the passing of Claude Nobs in 2013, he assumed direction of the Fondation du Festival de Jazz de Montreux, of the Montreux Jazz Artists Foundation, and Montreux Jazz International SA. He presently also serves on the boards of the Ecole de Jazz et de Musique Actuelle (Lausanne) and the Mühle Hunzinken (Rubigen) and is a member of the Association Label Suisse.

Through an array of projects, Mathieu Jaton has been guiding the Festival towards its future for six years while ensuring continuity in the savoir-faire and values that make Montreux so unique in the world of music.

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