ETAM Best Looks Show 2021 - Fashion Channel

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ETAM Best Looks Show 2021 - Fashion Channel

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“All women are beautiful and we believe in the power of lingerie:
that of feeling free in your body and in your head.”
-Patricia Tranvouëz , General Manager Etam

Etam. There for you, in all your lives and all your desires.
According to (r) evolutions. Since your first bra.

When you feel invincible .

Full of doubts.

Super sexy.

Really not in the mood.

There to boost your confidence .

To embrace life.

Make your dreams come true.

Beat Records.

Dare feats.

Celebrate the big ones, the small victories too.

There to share more than lingerie.

A state of mind.

A philosophy of life.

There to feel free.

Free to be who you are, or another if you like.

Determined to become who you will be.

Free of body and mind.

Videos, fashion, stylists, models, the biggest fashion events pass by us.
Accurate descriptions for every video since 1982 with attention to the smallest details, this is what makes fashion channel the best tool to immerse yourself in the fashion world at 360°.
Beauty advices, news, secrets, backstage and exclusive fashion shows are all included within our channel.
All videos are available in high resolution formats full HD on the YouTube Fashion Channel.
Follow us and our channel if you want to keep up with new trends!

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